Marathon Journey - The Broadcast
Welcome to the broadcast edition of, where we talk about what it takes to get you up off of your rear end, out the door, and moving toward the finish line of a marathon.

Show #020 | Packing for a Race |

  • Training recap,
  • Is it just me, or is Windows 8 horrid?,
  • The coupon code for Island Boost continues,
  • Using an invisible runner to help you pack,
  • Your comments,
  • Our Twitter hashtag for the DDD is #SRSDDD,
  • See you in Disneyland!
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Show #019 | The Terror of the Taper |

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Show #018 | Cramming for the course |

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Today we take an in depth look at everything surrounding the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend. From the expo to the finish line of the 10K and the half marathon, we lend you our personal insights into how to have the best time at this fantastic event. With a complete course overview of both courses, you will never feel like you are lost while you are running. In fact, if you listen well, even if this is your first runDisney event at Disneyland, you will feel like a seasoned veteran! So snug up those ear buds and grab your course maps, because we are going to take a comprehensive look at the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend!

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Show #016 | Getting your training back on track |

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