Marathon Journey - The Broadcast
Welcome to the broadcast edition of, where we talk about what it takes to get you up off of your rear end, out the door, and moving toward the finish line of a marathon.

Show #028 | Is your training in a rut? |

  • Training update,
  • 10 pounds of weight loss,
  • An unexpected PR on the ElliptiGO,
  • Is your training in a rut?,
  • Listen to The Extra Mile Podcast,
  • Your submissions.
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Show #027 | Is it the lure of the finish line, or just the finish? |

  • Training update,
  • The Social Runner Show will be back,
  • This show is now heard in 42 countries,
  • In the news,
  • The story of an amazing young lady,
  • Is it the lure of the finish line, or just the finish?,
  • Your submissions.
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Show #026 | What if the race is cancelled? |

  • Training update,
  • A pending recall from ElliptiGO,
  • I talked to Dick Beardsley,
  • What if the race is cancelled?,
  • Your submissions,
  • My marathon schedule,
  • You owe me a couple of race reports!
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Show #025 | Have you ever had a bad run? |

  • Training update,
  • No, The Social Runner Show hasn't gone away,
  • 10 Reasons Why Runners Are Nicer People,
  • Crowd funding for Island Boost Chocolate made the Yahoo Finance page,
  • Have you ever had a "bad" run?,
  • Your submissions.
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Show #024 | The mind numbing long run! |

  • Training update,
  • Weight loss update,
  • Crowd funding for Island Boost Chocolate,
  • Boston Marathon minimum times,
  • Jeff Galloway almost BQ's with 30/15's,
  • Wilson Kipsang's 2:03:23 WR marathon,
  • Marine Corps Marathon and NYC ban hydration packs and more,
  • Garmin 220 and 620 update,
  • Health news,
  • The mind numbing long run!,
  • Your submissions.
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