Marathon Journey - The Broadcast
Welcome to the broadcast edition of, where we talk about what it takes to get you up off of your rear end, out the door, and moving toward the finish line of a marathon.

Show #032 | A Thankful Runner |

  • Training update,
  • Melvin Owens in The Dallas Morning News,
  • Testing of the Garmin Forerunner 620 continues,
  • A thankful runner,
  • Your submissions,
  • The 3rd annual Thanksgiving Day run.
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Show #031 | Run Testing the new Garmin Forerunner 620 |

  • In the news,
  • Training update and a new Magic Mile PR,
  • Our tests of the new Garmin Forerunner 620,
  • Your submissions.
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Show #030 | Stepping from the half to the full |

  • Training update,
  • Our audience now spans 46 countries,
  • Things to think about when considering stepping from the half to the full marathon,
  • From the audience,
  • We need your submissions!
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Show #029 | Pre-Race Routines |

  • A stellar month because of our listeners!,
  • Training update,
  • Listen to The Extra Mile Podcast,
  • The Social Runner Show will return,
  • ING NYC Marathon recap,
  • The Garmn Forerunner 620 in limited release,
  • In the news,
  • Really dumb statement by a runner,
  • Pre-race routines,
  • Your submissions.
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