Marathon Journey - The Broadcast
Welcome to the broadcast edition of, where we talk about what it takes to get you up off of your rear end, out the door, and moving toward the finish line of a marathon.

Show #036 | Running Resolutions |

  • Our community now extends to 56 countries!,
  • Training update,
  • Running resolutions,
  • Your submissions,
  • Have a happy and productive new running year!
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Show #035 | Don't Let the Holidays Run Away From You |

  • A community of 54 countries!,
  • Training update,
  • Jeff Galloway to run the Dopey, as announced on The Extra Mile Podcast,
  • Corral assignments are out for the Walt Disney World Marathon,
  • In the news,
  • Don't let the holidays run away from you,
  • Your submissions,
  • Merry Christmas!
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Show #034 | The Weather Outside is Frightful! |

  • Our community now stretches to 53 countries!,
  • Training update,
  • Solving 3 problems with the Garmn Forerunner 620,
  • An update on my weight loss,
  • In the news,
  • New 2014 Hoka One One's available for pre-order at The Tri Shop,
  • The weather outside is frightful!,
  • Your submissions,
  • Using personal coaching from Jeff Galloway.
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Show #033 | Am I Too Slow? |

  • Our community now stretches to 50 countries!,
  • Training update,
  • Congratulations to Jeff Galloway,
  • Thank you to The Extra Mile Podcast for a fantastic shout out,
  • Winter is here,
  • Holiday season weight gain,
  • In the news,
  • Am I too slow?,
  • Your submissions.
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