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Welcome to the broadcast edition of, where we talk about what it takes to get you up off of your rear end, out the door, and moving toward the finish line of a marathon.
MJTB102 - Discussing TEMJG 3.4

Show #102 | Discussing TEMJG 3.4 |

  • We are now on iHeart Radio!,
  • Screaming fast recovery runs,
  • My severly calorie restricted diet,
  • Track and Field is finally coming at the Rio Olympics,
  • Talking about The Extra Mile Jeff Galloway Edition Episode 3.4,
  • Boilerplate half marathon training program on Jeff's site,
  • Your submissions,
  • It's a hot 9.5 miles on the books for the weekend,
  • No matter the number of miles, it's all a matter of perspective,
  • Don't forget to stay in contact with your reports, comments, and questions!


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